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Introduction: How to Make a Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet. Step 1: Gather Your Supplies. Step 2: Placing the Bands. Then, take another Navy Blue band and put it from the second left peg to the peg in front of this. Now, take another Navy Blue band and place it from the left peg to the center top peg of the loom.
Make your first star-burst. Place a band in Color 1 (this can be whatever color you want it to be) between the second peg in the middle row of the loom and the second peg of the right row. Next, in a clockwise motion, place five more bands, using the peg in the middle row as the center.
1 Aug 2013
Put the hook through the peg at the top of the loom catch all the bands! Put a rubber band on the hook, pull it through so the one rubber band is holding the bracelet on the loom. Then loop it over the hook so there is two O's on the hook. Add a c clip to the bracelet side that is attached to the hook.
Detailed instructions and videos for creating the Starburst bracelet pattern on the Rainbow Loom,FunLoom,bandaloom, Wonder Loom or Cra-Z-Loom.

16 Dec 2016 Load the loom with the bands in a systematic way to get a proper shape as shown in the tutorial. Starburst Loom Bracelet. Directions to Make a Starburst Bracelet. This video tutorial would help you make a rainbow-patterned bracelet like the one shown below. How Do You Make a Starburst Bracelet.
See video tutorial at or on my Tutorial Board. **Pattern Change for Mickey version - white on sides to red, pink to black and white cross bands to yellow.** See helpful tips in Facebook comments - … 519".
3 Aug 2014 Check out this tutorial from Instructables that shows you exactly how to make one with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Cool DIY project idea for teenagers. I think I have seen more cool color combinations of this rainbow loom bracelet than any other around. Get creative with your bands on this one
1 Oct 2013 We love the Starburst pattern rainbow loom bracelet, don't you? We love the look of black bands framing the inside colors. This pattern took a couple of attempts, but once we got the hang of it, it was a blast to make. We recommend this tutorial for learning how to make the Starburst loom band bracelet.