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10 May 2015
18 Feb 2015 Since when was turning your back on a farmed Medusa considered the best strategy, especisally when Medusa is not a carry that depends on her ulti, like a Blade mail / stun works, and having an Omni to cast ulti and while everyone takes a moment from their busy team fight to destroy Troll Warlord is
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13 Nov 2017 List of heroes that counter Troll Warlord, and list of heroes that work well with Troll Warlord. Read this formatting guide first. Troll Warlord is one the most powerful hero in 1v1 fights due to his high attack speed and bash but he lacks AoE damage which means he cannot fight illusion based heroes like
3 Feb 2013 Find top Troll Warlord build guides by DotA 2 players. Create, share and explore a wide variety of DotA 2 hero guides, builds and general strategy in a friendly community.
lion is nice to disable and burst early on, razor is nice to take his damage even through bkb witch really comes in handy late game. and ranged carrys are the best against troll as long as you have supports to keep you in the back and away from him Report. Submitted By daretosway. 0. to counter him is hard, you have
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11 May 2017 as a troll player, any enemy axe just builds me a nice free spree to get at minute 40 troll is extremely frail an kitable. buy solar crests as support, buy solar crest as core protip: ratting works, blink+orchid works when he doesnt have a manta if you just play a lineup of a huge damage dealer and 2 disablers
Alright so in large part thanks to this bad boy I've gained ~500MMR since Christmas. I just spam pick him immediately and always go the same trademark build of Aquila-Phase-HotD-BKB-SnY. I've only lost twice with this hero in the new patch and both of those times I was till in top 3 net worth if. I've played
13 Mar 2016 Swirl. 2016-03-13. look here you go! . For me, the best way to counter heroes like Troll, Ursa and PA is by burst damage and also by using Razor. Static link the shit Tell me how bad LS is against TW when he builds those items against you. Innately TW beats