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25 Mar 2015 You can find the press release on Blizzard's official Taiwanese site:–32718. At the same time, Lilith Games has taken aim at uCool, developers of Heroes Charge. It alleges that Heroes Charge is a clone of Soul Clash, and has filed suit in the U.S. You can find more
Soul Hunters is a game where there are almost no bad heroes. Every character in game is viable in And,CC are the heroes which can control enemy heroes like sleep (Mortus),nightmare(Cara),entangle (Dokras).etc. AOE Damage Dealers : Area of Fastest ultimate charge.Even better after awekening
30 Jun 2016 Soul Hunters Best Team, Best Arena, Guide, Newcomer, Ezio, Crucible of Fire. Second or third hero you get, also one of the best in the game. She has an amazing ultimate, a silence, and a passive . Use the early fights to charge ultimates on as many characters as you can. That way you can counter an
20 Mar 2017
6 Feb 2016
23 Mar 2015 Chinese popular mobile card game Soul Clash was officially launched on Japanese App Store and Google Play on March 19. Surprisingly, many Japanese players slammed the game, because they thought Soul Clash is Heroes Charge's copycat. But the opposite is true.The fact is that Heroes Charge was
Notes. Alana shines in her utility against single targets (armor weaken, ally physical boost), but her ultimate takes too long to charge for aoe encounters. 7* Alana stats compared to other Middle Line heroes. Health. 117. 150. Physical Attack. 12.6. 14.1. Magic Attack. 12.6. Physical Armor. 4.2. 5.1. Magic Armor. 3.6. 5.4
24 Sep 2015 Today we present you 21 Role Playing Games for Android and iOS, which are similar to Heroes Charge. These games are .. Soul Hunters. Download Soul Hunters for Free Now! Play THRILLING fast-paced Strategic Battles, and see why over 80 MILLION players can't stop playing! Step into a land cursed
that game is so unfun, im about to quit although Im already vip 9 and have spent over 100 dollars. I'm also the author of the game guide "how to
20 Sep 2015 Hello and welcome to a new hero guide. This guide is unfinished and need some polish If you don't like to read just look the short review and the arena advices Short Review: Soul Hunter(SH) is a AS: at O, AS can't finish the job generally, with SH he definitely won't finish it and charge your mage ult

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