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Peter Answers is touted as a "Virtual Tarot", as though the page can predict your future. In this article, I would like to answer the question That gullibility multiplies significantly when the event being portrayed includes something that appears supernatural or “magical” in nature. Deep down, many people still want to believe
This is an interactive game. It is about a virtual soul. In this game you are the one to guess about your friend's secret.
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Peter Answers - The trick: Instructions: How does Peter Answers work? Here we teach you how to use this Virtual Tarot to answer all your questions.
If you love to play tricks on your friends or family members, lead them to a computer and introduce them to Peter. If you don't know the answer, you won't be able to follow the next step, and Peter will answer with a very generic statement like "You shall not doubt of me at all, keep trusting on me and soon I'll answer.
13 Apr 2011
Welcome to Peter Answers Do you need to ask a question? Are you looking for answers? Peter offers you a space to ask anything you want. However, before each question you must write a petition. If the answer is not what you expected, at least you make catharsis and ask again. We are not permitted to choose the frame
Practically everybody knows how to pull the prank now. And if you don't, it's not hard to find the secret. Except nobody knows the real secret. Sure the prank is cute, but Peter Answers has another side that few people see. A very dark side. Sure the prank is cute, but Peter Answers has another side that few people see. A very
7 Apr 2008
5 Apr 2010 In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to use the Peter Answers - Virtual Tarot website. Peter Answers is a fake fortune telling website that is usually used as a prank. Begin by going to the website. In the Petition space, type in a period. A "P" will be displayed. Then type in the answer too the question and