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Directions. Pour the cocoa mix into a 6 x 12 clear cone bag and seal with a clear rubber band; trim 1 inch above band. Place the filled bag into a second cone bag, flattening the top. Layer either the chocolate chips or the M&M candies followed with the mini-marshamallows.
2 Nov 2016 These reindeer hot chocolate cones are a perfect homemade gift to get your little ones crafting. They would also be great in a Christmas Eve box.
Instructions for making hot chocolate cones - The instructions are the size of eight business cards. Directions: Place 2 Directions: Place 2 rounded tablespoons of cocoa mix in cup. Gradually stir in 8 ox. of hot water or See More. POOTLES Stampin Up UK SPRINGWATCH Window Box for 12 Tea Lights Video Tutorial 2
25 Mar 2013
3 Dec 2012 For the last few years on Coupon Geek, I've mentioned how you can make Hot Chocolate Cones as an idea for party favors during the holidays or as part of a. You could always cover that with a sticker or with a label with instructions such as, “Add mix to 6 oz. of hot milk/water.” You might get lucky and
2 Dec 2014 Reindeer hot chocolate cones are easy for kids of any age to make. We've included a free printable and full instructions of how to make it. A great item for kids to make as a gift or for a Christmas fair.
20 Dec 2012 Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones or Reindeer Hot Chocolate Cones as my son likes to say, are the perfect edible Christmas craft or gift idea! Instructions: Fill your Piping bags with the hot cocoa mix (2 cups worth per bag); Top with mini marshmallows, and then a small amount of chocolate chips; Tie them off it
7 Dec 2016 Try Candy Cane Soup, layered hot chocolate in a cone! A larger gift than single-packet Snowman Soup Instructions. 1. Package hot chocolate mix. To make it easier to fill and package cone bags, insert them inside a tall, narrow drinking glass, votive or vase. Fold the cuff of the bag down over the lip of the
8 Dec 2015 Check out this DIY Gift of Reindeer Hot Chocolate! This gift requires just a few ingredients and supplies DIRECTIONS Pour hot chocolate mix into piping bag (get it all the way into the tip). Twist Bag Closed and wrap with the rubber band. Trim off the top of bag. Put Bag into another Piping Bag and flatten.