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Official Restoration Shaman PvP Guide for patch 4.2 *REQUEST FOR STICKY* Section: 1) Race 2) Glyphs 3) Gems 4) Enchants/re forgery/Stats Reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 15%. -Berserking: Activate to increase attack and casting speed by 20% for 10 seconds. 2) GLYPHS
18 Feb 2014 The four celestials on the Timeless Isle now drop ilvl 550 Season 15 PvP gear instead of ilvl 522 Season 14 PvP gear. These items are fairly good Druid. Druid. Hunter. Hunter. Mage. Mage. Monk. Monk. Paladin. Paladin. Priest. Priest. Rogue. Rogue. Shaman. Shaman. Warlock. Warlock. Warrior. Warrior
Restoration Shaman PvP Talents. Level 15 Talents: Nature's Guardian – A nice passive survival talent. Your Mastery adds to its effect and it also scales well Recommended: Since Crit is so nice this season we have Method #1, pure Crit gemming: Put the Smooth Sun's Radiance in all slots, regardless of socket bonus.
24 Dec 2014 This article presents the arena season 15 sets for Shaman and explains how to obtain them.
Hi. I had a few people ask me for 3vs3 guide as Resto Shaman, so I decided to take a few hours out of my day to write one for you all. I hope you find it helpful. Thank you all for reading.
6.1 Ascendance 6.2 Healing Tide Totem 6.3 Spirit Link Totem 6.4 Spiritwalkers Grace 6.5 Ancestral Swiftness 1. Talents 1.1 T15 In our first talent pick It's a no brainer here really, Conductivity is much more of a PvE talent since theres so much CC and movement in general in PvP that healing rain is no
2 Sep 2017
I am very interested in playing a dps role in 3v3 arenas in this upcoming season. I love the elemental spec and have for a very long time, but I've been wat
Resto Shaman artifact path & honor talents. Started by Floopyx, 28 Jan 2017. 5 replies; 3,890 views. Resto Shaman artifact path & honor talents - last post by Shekirei. Shekirei · 17 May 2017
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